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Huairou District

Huairou District Overview

The long-lasting history of Huairou can be dated from the Tang Dynasty over 1300 years ago and the jurisdiction remains the same as that in 1368.
On December 30, 2001, Huairou District was officially set up under the approval of the State Council. In ancient Chinese, the character 'Huai' means 'Coming', and 'Rou' means 'Appeasement’, when coming together they mean benevolent rule, national unity and mutual development.

Background: From September 4th to 15th, 1995, the Fourth World Conference on Women was held in Beijing. The main theme of this conference was 'Equality, Development and Peace', and the minor theme is 'Health, Education and Employment’. Representatives from 185 UN member states, from the United Nations and international organizations of various regions, 15000 representatives from both governmental and non-governmental organizations gathered together at the conference. The Chinese governmental delegation led by Mrs. Chen Muhua, vice chairwoman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee and president of the National Women's Federation also attended the conference. The 'Beijing Manifesto’ and 'Program of Action’ were made at the conference to accelerate the implementation of the 'Nairobi Strategy'. Representatives pointed out the main obstacles of elevating women’s world social status and laid a plan to achieve their goals.

Huairou NGO Forum: The NGO Forum supplemented the course of the conference and covered a wide range of subjects, and was attended by many representatives. The forum was made up of discussions of different sizes. There was no formal agenda for the forum, and no decisions or manifestos were made. Suggestions were passed on to the conference by those representatives present.

31,549 people from all over the world (26549 overseas representatives and 5,000 domestic representatives) gathered at the forum. A series of discussions relating to the main theme 'Equality, Development and peace’ were carried on. About 3,900 discussions, exhibitions, plays, arts and crafts fairs, movie forums were held.

In 2004, the Memorial Park of the Fourth World Conference on Women was opened to the public, endowing the conference with a new concept, and shining with brilliant charms.

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